Friday, 4 April 2014

Book Launch & Public Presentation of HUNTED BY HAWKS – Obianuju C. Amamgbo

... A date to remember

Date – Saturday 31/05/14
Venue – Radford Methodist Church, Foster street, Nottingham, NG7 3DB
Time 13:30 pm

Saturday, 30 November 2013

Hunted by Hawks...

New novel weaves intricate story of secrets and lies

Ikenna has been running from his past, but it’s about to catch up with him in ‘Hunted By Hawks’

NOTTINGHAM, England – In “Hunted by Hawks” (published by AuthorHouse) , author Obianuju Chiamaka Amamgbo takes readers to her native Eastern Nigeria for an intriguing story of revenge and secrecy.

“No matter how ugly a secret may be,” Amamgbo says, “it pays to be honest about it, especially to people you love and care about. Honesty will always make a difference.”

Ikenna has worked tirelessly to bury his haunting past. Unknown to him, his arch enemy, Tochi, has been keeping a close eye on him, and when the chance to ruin Ikenna’s young son arrives, Tochi pounces on the opportunity. Now, Ikenna is faced with a serious decision. He can come clean to his once happy family about his painful past, or he can continue to hide the shame that has burdened him all these years. Will Ikenna chose to reveal his secret, even if it means losing his family?

“Hunted By Hawks” explores themes of corruption and deceit and creates a flawed protagonist that readers can relate to and will want to cheer on. “Even though it is fiction, anyone and everyone can relate to the themes portrayed in the story line at one point or another of their lives,” writes Amamgbo. “These events are things people deal with regularly.”


Set in Eastern Nigeria, Hunted by Hawks tells the story of Ikenna whose hidden past re-surfaces in his life to haunt him. Unknown to him, Tochi his arch enemy and leader of their notorious gang has been plotting revenge after he was released from prison years ago. Tochi kept close contact with him from a distance and managed to get his claws on one of his sons Emeka. With the strange discovery of what Emeka was involved in, the once happy family was at the verge of being destroyed. By the time Ikenna realised what was happening, he is faced with reliving the past he fought so hard to bury. He has to decide whether to come clean with his family and risk losing them, or to keep his secret and save them the looming agony of his ugly past. Nonye, Ikenna's wife, is equally forced by the ugly circumstance to make a choice. Having built an impressive reputation in her legal career, will the high moral lawyer bend the law to save her husband and family, or will she save her career at the expense of her family?

“Hunted by Hawks”
By Obianuju Chiamaka Amamgbo
Hardcover | 6 x 9in | 172 pages | ISBN 9781491880470
Softcover | 6 x 9in | 172 pages | ISBN 9781491880487
E-Book | 172 pages | ISBN 9781491880494
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Friday, 25 November 2011

Dawn in Ụmụogu

Part 4

Early the next morning, Ifeatụ woke up to an empty house; there was no sign of Akwaugo. He thought she must have gone to fetch water but when it was past her normal time, he got worried and feared she might have left him. He quickly got dressed, and went in search of her. When he could not find any trace of her in the vicinity, he decided to go home, freshen up and prepare to search for her in neighbouring towns and villages. But on getting home, there she was, selecting herbs that were scattered on the mat on the floor.

He heaved a sigh of relief, “Where have you been Akwaugo? I have been all over the place looking for you,” he said expressing his displeasure with her.

“Good day papa. I went in search of healing herbs for Igwe Ọnọchie’s son,” she replied innocently, “I am sorry I did not tell you before leaving but that was because I did not want to wake you up. I felt it was too early to disturb an old man resting his weak bones,” she teased.

“I was worried about your whereabouts, Akwaugo. I thought you left because of the talk last night,” he expressed his concern.

“No way papa, you taught me more than that. I have this burning desire for the Igwe’s condition. Waiting for Ikuku could be disaster; nobody knows when he will return,” she explained.

“You really think you are doing the right thing?” he asked pointing at the herbs.

“Absolutely, papa, I do. Whether they accept my offer is up to them. But I won’t sit here and assume they will throw my genuine help back at me without my trying,” she replied and continued with her selection.

“And when do you want to go over?” he asked as he drew his cane chair close to the mud wall and sat on it. His legs were aching from the long tiring walk he just returned from.

“As soon as I sort the possible combination that I would use,” she replied.

“That would be after you have given me my food. I am hungry.”

“I will check if the food is warm enough now,” she replied and went to the kitchen.

Monday, 14 November 2011

Dawn in Ụmụogu

Part 3

Udobata had gone to tap palm wine in his farm close to the river two months after Urenna was found to be pregnant when he met his untimely death. Urenna craved for palm wine that fateful day and he could not get it from any of the sellers in their village; they had marginalised them because of the allegation of incest, despite the fact that the issue was yet to be decided by the Igwe’s council. Udobata had successfully tapped the first palm tree and was on his second when he slipped and fell heavily on his back. Due to his bulky weight he could not get up and so lay with excruciating pains almost all day. When Chineze got tired of waiting for his return she set out to look for him only to find him gritting his teeth in pain and unable to move his body. She instantly shouted and ran back to the village to get help. By the time they finally got back, Udobata was almost gone. He was finding it difficult to breathe and talk. After three days of medication, he passed away; was buried without burial rites due to the pending incest case.

Monday, 7 November 2011

Dawn in Ụmụogu

Part 2

Ifeatu looked at her beautiful face to appreciate her rare beauty. Akwaugo was a beauty to behold, a pride of every parent, envy to her fellow maiden, and a charm to the men folk. Looking taller than her age, her childlike face spoke of her innocence and amazing personality, secretly admired by the whole village. She was very intelligent and hard-working young woman, who was as brave and fearless as a lion; thanks to him who taught her the need to be strong and independent. Her manly attributes were the result of what she had seen and helped him do. Since there was no other male figure in the family, Akwaugo took over the low chores, as well as female chores quite early in life. Therefore apart from the cooking and keeping the house clean, she equally fetched firewood and at times had to hew them with the cutlass or axe such that she became an expert in handling the tools. She equally cut grass for the goats, fixes the bamboo roof top, and builds the yam barn. She learnt how to put up the barn by secretly watching Ifeatụ do it over the years. It was a big surprise to Ifeatụ when his strength failed him and she took over. Because of the way the tradition frowned at women doing manly chores Ifeatụ tried unsuccessfully to prevent her from doing them, but gave up when he saw he was merely pulling a horse through the eye of the needle.

“Akwaugo my dear daughter, you were rejected by Ụmụogu people due to the circumstances that led to your birth,” Ifeatụ began that afternoon. “Your late mother’s name was Urenna but unfortunately we do not know who your father was.”

Thursday, 3 November 2011

UEFA – At the Emirates 01/11/2011

Tuesday saw Arsenal held to a goalless draw at the Emirates against Marseille in the Champion’s League fourth round. A win would have meant qualification to the last sixteen for the Gunners’, who are currently leading the group F with eight points.

Marseille meant business as they came out in full force, throwing every punch at Arsenal. They seemed to execute their game plan which was either a win or to settle for a draw. Never would they allow the Gunner’s have it easy so they defended well, and their goal keeper denied Arsenal scoring opportunities.

The Arsenal we saw over the weekend against Chelsea was totally different. Trust Wenger, he gambled with Robin Van Persie who started on the bench. The Gunners were not crisp in performance and seemed like the fire on their boots had been quenched with cold water. My guess is that they must have been drained physically after the tough game at Stamford Bridge (not an excuse though). The game against Marseille was below expectations to the disappointment of fans,

Friday, 28 October 2011

Dawn in Ụmụogu

Part 1
Egwu ụmụ nma, iyo oko oko
Egwu ha amaka, iyo oko oko
Ọ dị ka m bụrụ ha, iyo oko oko

That had always been her favourite song on her way to the village stream or to fetch firewood. She loved singing and dancing the maiden dance held annually during special festival. Unfortunately, she was not part of that dance due to circumstances surrounding her existence. With her melodious voice and artistic dancing skills, the damsel displayed for her only friend, her grandfather who had become everything to her. He had become the mother she lost at a tender age and the father she never knew. Everything she knew about life was from him, a good teacher, kind and generous grandfather.

Akwaugo loved the serenity she found when walking to the stream in the early hours of the morning, when the sun was yet to grace the earth, and the people on it savoured the peaceful, quiet sleep; when the plants and trees had a quiet refreshing of the dew, while birds enjoy the freedom of perching from one tree to the other, listening to her sweet melodies. She could feel the trees awake by her presence as they gently swirled from side to side, responding to every sound of her feet and the rhythm of her melody.

Monday, 29 August 2011


Dear Arsene,

I am a massive fan and supporter of Arsenal FC for a long time now. Yesterday's football match against Manchester United left me broken-hearted to the point I physically feel pain in my heart. I am still very broken and in tears about the final result, and could not imagine how terrible the players and you must be feeling. Your job must be very tough (I do not envy you), and I dont know how you can get past this and have something to offer again. It is indeed a pity and if wishes were horses, I would wish there was something I could say to make you all feel better. This season seems to be an uphill task for Arsenal, loosing Cesc and Nasri did not make it easier. It would get tougher but I still believe we can bounce back. This is really very difficult for me as I get so emotional about Arsenal.

Thursday, 21 April 2011

True Beauty of a Woman

I was engaged in a conversation with a friend who once asked me my definition of beauty. This question arose when he asked me to give him few poetic lines to which I replied

Life is beautiful for beautiful people; not beauty on the face but of the mind. The mind is what you want it to be because it is beautiful if you say so”. (feeling like a poet!)

I told him the famous adage that beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. He went a step further to ask me my opinion on the issue to which I answered –

“Beauty comes from the inside (heart) and radiates to the outside.” (still feeling like a poet!)

Saturday, 13 November 2010

30 Years After – The National Anthem!

Do you know that the year 2008 is symbolically relevant to the Nigerian national anthem? This is exactly 30 years that famous and inspiring anthem has been sung from the mouths of the wise and suckling. And have you ever critically analysed the lyrical contents? This is your opportunity to do so now.
Arise, O compatriots,                                           
Nigeria's call obey.                                               
To serve our Fatherland                                      
With love and strength and faith.                        
The labour of our heroes past                             
Shall never be in vain,                                         
To serve with heart and might                            
One nation bound in freedom,                            
Peace and unity.                                                 

The Nigeria national anthem, “Arise, O compatriots” was adopted in 1978, that is thirty years ago, in preference to “Nigeria We Hail Thee” which was formally used as the national anthem between 1960 to 1978. The uniqueness of this anthem especially to me is the fact that 1978 was famously known in Nigeria as the oil boom, which we can say was when one can proudly say I am a Nigeria.